Study programmes offered in Hipolit Cegielski State College of Higher Education are created in accordance with the guidelines of the Bologna Declaration and the European Credit Transfer System. The ECTS system adopted by the college as the fundamental system of accumulating and transferring credit points enables to:

  1. Assess the student’s progress and confirm and recognize consecutive educational stages
  2. Present the study programme in a way that facilitates the process of settling all study-related matters by the student and to compare programmes, which builds trust between institutions of higher education and between institutions of higher education and the job market;
  3. Create individual educational paths in case of following individual programmes of study;
  4. Settle the studying period taken by students in other institutions of higher education both at home and abroad.

The number of points allocated to particular study modules for full- time and part-time modes is the same and complies with the requirements specified in the current regulations (guidelines of the European Credit Transfer System). It comprises the student’s total workload which consists of classes, consultations and an exam which requires direct contact with an academic teacher as well as self-preparation for classes, preparing presentations, reports, etc.