The State Higher Vocational School in Gniezno is looking for Erasmus partnership for students and staff mobility. We are a new, modern education institution, specialized in the fields of engineering sciences. We are admitting more students each year. All our degrees fallow an ECTS structure to facilitate international mobility and we were granted the Erasmus University Charter in 2007. 
In 2007 The State Higher Vocational School in Gniezno was granted the Erasmus University Charter by the European Commission. The Charter enables the school to participate in the Erasmus Programme, i.e. to apply for student and academic teacher exchange grants as well as to take part in thematic networks, multilateral projects and intensive courses.

If you are intersted in studing in Denmark or Lithuania, please look at home page of our partner institution:

The Training Placement within the Erasmus Programme has been developed in State Higher Vocational School in Gniezno for students who would like to get European technical experience. Students studying in our School have an opportunity to participate in a 3 – month training placement in partner institutions such as:


Undertaking a training placement within a European context opens up new life and career opportunities for students, making them more attractive to potential employers who recognise the added value gained from injecting a European dimension to vocational training.  Students also benefit personally by being exposed to other cultures and getting awareness of opportunities within the European Labour Market.

The Erasmus Programme will enable SHVS students the opportunity to complete part of their training/studies abroad, selecting their destination from a variety of choices (students are also welcome to search placement/studies by themselves).

Please look at home page of our partner institution beyond Erasmus activities: