Ecotechnology specialization combines the control of environment condition and ecotechnology. Through the control of environment condition we mean its “monitoring” and evaluation of environmental pollution. Within the confines of Ecotechnology students explore the secrets of neutralization technology and waste disposal, including recycling and technologies of bio-decomposing chemical materials production. Making use of acquired knowledge as well as technical, economic and organizational  ventures, a graduate of Ecotechnology will be able to work towards environmental improvement and will also be able to prevent environment degradation in the region. 
Engineer of Ecotechnology will be prepared to: 
  • systemically evaluate environmental pollution,
  • work out or select chemical technology of pollution prevention enabling a rational use of waste products
  • suggest solutions enabling realization of “precipitation-free” technologies.

Graduates of this specialization will be able to work in industrial factories, in the units of national and regional administration which care about environmental protection. They can also  work in the education sector as designers or as users of environment protection systems. An engineer of Ecotechnology will be prepared for professional work and the continuation of  education at the graduate studies. 

The educational program of Environmental Protection includes the following subjects:

  • mathematics, physics, chemistry,
  • systemic evaluation of environmental pollution,
  • computing science in environmental protection,
  • analyses of pollutants,
  • technologies of pollution prevention enabling a rational use of waste products,
  • technologies of chemical wasteless process and production of bio-decomposing products,
  • management of waste disposal at different levels of administrative units.