A graduate of Information Systems specialization will be prepared to take up  creative engineering work in the field of information systems at the design level as well as exploitation level. Acquired general and theoretical preparation will enable a graduate to find solutions to different problems and their algorithmization. Preparation within the confines of engineering subjects will enable efficient exploration of information systems at the hardware and software level. Comprehensiveness in the field of different programming languages  and other information instruments will contribute to efficiency of those actions. 
Graduates of this specialization will find employment not only in a specialist computing firm or  enterprises which  have different production profiles, but also in the administration, where information systems have wide, common and practical application. Obtained knowledge in the field of computing science will also enable  a graduate to continue studies at the M.A. level, especially on  Computing Science or on other courses.

The educational program of Information Systems includes the  following subjects: 
  • electronics, automatics, theory of signals and numerical system,
  • mathematics and physics,
  • mathematical basics of computing science,
  • programming languages and software engineering,
  • instruments of computing science,
  • operating systems, database, computer networks and parallel systems,
  • designing of information systems and technologies of the Internet,
  • practicability of computing science.