The main aim of education on the course of Transportation is to prepare engineers for future work in this interdisciplinary field of knowledge. The course of Transportation combines knowledge within the range of mechanical science and infrastructure related to transportation. 
A graduate of vocational studies at the State Higher Vocational School course of Transportation will obtain the professional  title of engineer. A graduate will be prepared to work in the field  of modern transportation as well as infrastructure, which is necessary for efficient transport planning within the whole country, region and town. The learning program combines knowledge from different fields: mechanical science, traffic engineering, economics and logistics. 

The first area contains knowledge within the range of transport facilities engineering, traffic engineering of those facilities and analysis of transport systems in economic and legal aspects. 
Graduates of Transportation will posses knowledge within the range of transport facilities including building infrastructure for transport and economic problems.  
The educational program of Infrastructure of Land Transport contains the  following subjects: 
  • creation of modern informative transport database of firm, town, region and country,
  • development of existing transport infrastructure in diverse area,
  • resolving economic, ecological, social, international and strategic problems,
  • design of transport facilities, roads, bridges and auxiliary objects,
  • transport management