A graduate of Management and Marketing Systems will be prepared for the professional coordination of  technical- trade activity at the line client – manufacturing enterprise. Their professionalism will be revealed by the following skills. 
  • understanding of customer needs,
  • competent advisory  and customer service,
  • competent cooperation with technical and productive services for the purpose of customer satisfaction.
To this end, a graduate has to be an engineer with the knowledge of:
  • functioning, producing and exploitation of industrial goods,
  • rules, mechanism and conditions of manufacturing enterprise functioning
  • understanding of enterprise environment and ability of good communication.

The studies program is so arranged as to allow a student  to obtain knowledge concerning the above-mentioned fields. The basic place of work for graduates  will be widely understood marketing and sales sections at  manufacturing plants. However, owing to wide versatility of a range of management related subjects, a graduate can find  employment in a variety of different enterprises. A graduate will also be  prepared to fulfill  management functions and to run individual business activity. An engineer of Management and Marketing Systems will be able to continue education at the graduate studies.